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Our Design Process

Updated: Feb 26

Almost every product that we make is customized, which means that each product is designed individually for the customer. Because everyone is unique, we have to ensure that our products meet the design that the customer's imagined even when they struggle to articulate exactly how that looks. When an order is placed with us, we go through a long process to ensure that the customer will be happy with the final product.

An engraved wallet with a logo on it

The initial stage of the creating a custom product starts with determining our customer's needs. We do so many different types of customization, from bulk orders for large companies to single products for individuals, that we always take the time to discuss exactly what is expected of the final product. After discussing what our customer is looking for, we typically send digital renderings of what the project will look like, or will even create samples so that our customers can get a feel for what the product will look like. The goal here is to bring the customer's ideas to life, so that they can see them.

Once the customer approves of the design, we get to work creating the product. This is actually the easy part usually - we load the design we created into our engraving machines and then turn them on. We then ensure that everything is lined up properly and choose the correct engraving settings for the material that we are working with. Our engravers do the rest of this stage - we hit the "go" button and the engravers start zapping away to create the product.

The final stage to all of our products is cleaning and packing the product. Often times, there is dust left on the product once it is engraved because engraving involves removing material which then can float around and get on the product. We clean all of our products up, and then safely pack them to either be shipped or picked up from out Plant City office.

Creating custom products is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution at every step of the way. From determining customer needs to creating the design, there are many steps involved in meeting a customer's expectations. Here at Busy Bee Laser and Design, we specialize in bringing your ideas to life and creating incredible customized products.

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