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A Warning to Our Laser Friends: Don't Buy From Full Spectrum!

Updated: Feb 26

We've done some blogs in the past talking about our Muse 3D and our Muse Core and have always written fairly positively about them. And then... both of them broke. So we are here to give you a warning: do NOT buy anything from Full Spectrum Laser, especially the Muse.

We wrote in the past about running into issues with our Muse 3D camera. We started to have issues with the camera improperly stitching together photos in October of 2022 (less than a year after purchasing our unit). After an update was pushed to our laser, we attempted to recalibrate the camera and continuously received an error message. We went back and forth for MONTHS with Full Spectrum Laser and they kept pushing it off, saying that it seemed to be a software issue. After sending a (pretty angry) email to Full Spectrum in January, we finally got an answer: it wasn't a software issue after all. We were instructed to try removing the riser from our Muse and recalibrating it without the riser in place and the problem was immediately fixed. It is incredibly frustrating that it took FOUR MONTHS for them to come to this conclusion. Even more frustrating was that I had specifically asked them back in October when the issue started if the riser needed to be removed to calibrate and they told me no. Thanks FSL.

The Full Spectrum Logo with a red X through it

Almost immediately after we got our Muse 3D camera (finally) working, did our Muse Core completely stop working. We noticed that our Muse Core had a very sudden loss of power and was no longer cutting or engraving at anything near the level it was before. After jumping through all of the hoops, FSL concluded that the power supply was the issue. We sent in our power supply to be tested and replaced under warranty. This process was SO LONG. First, they told us that their support department was delayed. Then, once they finally indicated that the power supply was going to be sent out, we waited. And waited. And the power supply was never sent out. We again contact support, and as it turns out they had gotten things mixed up and were awaiting payment for the new power supply before they sent it out even though the power supply was free under warranty. Once they finally got that resolved and sent it to us, we installed the power supply and it still did not fix our issue. So that's where we are right now: a laser that has not been working at all since January with no end in sight. All there is for us to do now is wait for FSL to get around to answering our emails and actually figure out the problem. If I could return both of my lasers to FSL, I would in a heart beat. The machines run into so many issues and you're left endlessly waiting for support from FSL. Save yourself the hassle and never ever buy a laser from Full Spectrum Laser.

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